The excerpt below is from The Deceived, a recently released dark Biblical thriller. 

Hundreds of the monsters crowded the streets before them like a pack of wolves, their sharp talons flexing and scraping against their tough reddish hide. The demons stood in front of them, imposing and menacing as they growled and snarled at Michael and his group, the black void of their eyes taking them in. Jude stopped the MRAP a good
distance from the demons and waited as the demons stood motionless.

“What are they waiting for?” Jude asked as she leaned her forearms on the steering wheel, drumming her fingernails against it.

“Who knows?” Michael said.

“What should we do?” Peter asked, appearing between them.

“Everyone will wait here. I’ll handle this,” Michael said as he got ready to
exit the MRAP. “There’s no reason for any of you to be put in harm’s way.”

“Wait,” Jude yelled out. “Look at that,” she said, pointing out the windshield.

Michael turned his head to see the demons all turning their backs to them, as if something were causing them to panic. Black flames and ashy dust clouds popped up every now and then amidst the demon gang, obscuring them momentarily in the thick clouds before revealing their darkened, twisted forms once again. Soon Michael was able to see two tall,
finely-dressed demons in black suits, their eyes obscured by dark glasses, wielding the obsidian daggers that Amenadiel held in Heaven. Without a word, these two demons began killing all the other demons around them, slashing at the dark apparitions without so much as breaking a sweat. Everyone watched in silence until the last demon was reduced to dust. When they were done, they concealed the blades and stood alongside each other facing the MRAPs.

“Now there are two,” Jude said, letting out a whistle.

“Doesn’t that seem a little weird? Why did they attack their own kind?” Peter asked.

“How about we find out,” Michael said before exiting the MRAP. He stepped down from his seat and walked toward the two demons standing before them.

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