Charlie Hamilton’s death at Camp High Tide is confounding and offers more questions than answers. While checking into his background, Detective Daniel Nash discovers an ominous smear on the town’s past, the unsolved disappearance of young Timothy Waters who went missing three decades ago from the very same camp Charlie was caretaker of.

Forgotten police records from the incident detail five other children from the camp, not so friendly associates of Timmy’s. Nash invites them in for interviews, hoping they can shed light on who may have wanted Charlie dead, as well as what happened the night of Timmy’s disappearance.

As a series of unexpected rain storms roll through the rural town, the individuals with ties to Timmy and Charlie begin to drop one by one. While each death is different than the last, they all are equally terrifying and vaguely similar.

Will Detective Nash be able to solve the cases both past and present and stop these strange deaths before it’s too late, or will the rain drown away the answers?