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(Working Blurb)

In an inaccessible solar system, on the surface of the planet Avalon, Merlin is awakened from a realistic dream. Darkness stretches across the surface of Avalon consuming all. Through the darkness, a weak light radiates through signaling hope. She recalls an ancient memory that a descendant of King Arthur would come; drawing Excalibur from the stone and saving Avalon.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Arthur was sent off to a boarding school in England. He was alone in a strange, unaccustomed place, drawing solace in the legends his mother used to read, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. He imagined a world where dragons and magic existed, where damsels needed liberating, and where Knights stood for honor, valor, chivalry, and upheld a strong Code of Conduct. 

His days of loneliness and fantasizing are over. His greatest desire granted. A duty befalls him that he must undertake. Does Arthur have the determination to answer the call? With Excalibur in hand, will he be strong enough to fight for a world unknown and foreign to him?