The excerpt below is from the recently released Biblical thriller The Deceived. If this sparks your interest, check out The Deceived on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback and e-book formats.

“Now that I think about it, humans are quite perceptive but oddly gullible creatures. It’s a pity, really,”
Lucifer said.

“Don’t let humans fool you,” Ari-el said cryptically. “Before you know it, they’ll get the better of you. Mark my words.”

“Oh, I’ve seen the gullibility of humanity,” Lucifer said, waving his hand as if he were swatting away a pesky fly. “I mean, they believe that God, our Father, is responsible for everything that has ever happened to them: wars, famine, plague—and anything else they can think of. They place it all on Father’s shoulders and never take the blame themselves.”

His voice rose in anger as he screamed, “Who do they think they are?” Reaching back, he picked up the chair, smashing it in front of himself. “As if God has any control over their actions. Humanity was given free will and they made their choices, freely.”

Suddenly he stopped, his rage evaporating, and he took a few deep breaths to calm himself before continuing. “Be it natural or unexplained, humanity finds a way to curse God for their failures. Humanity made Hell on Earth all by themselves. But that is of no concern for me since I am the Lord that art in Heaven.”

“You made the Bible as a tool to gain power while using it to desecrate our Father,” Ari-el said in disgust.

“I knew you would see the beauty in what I’ve done,” Lucifer said excitedly, as if he hadn’t heard what she’d just said. “Humanity isn’t worthy of Father’s love nor should they be. My plan, Revelation, will reveal the truth of it all and I’ll finally have a place to belong.”

“This is all so you can belong somewhere?” Ari-el’s mouth dropped open at the thought.

“Do you have any idea what it’s been like? I’m not angel nor demon nor human. Being the outcast,” he said with a sad expression, his eyes suddenly damp, “is lonely.”

Ari-el burst into laughter. “You’re doing this because you’re lonely. Oh, I can’t wait until Michael puts an end to your plans.”

His face turned sour, as if he’d been sucking on sweet candy only to find out it was a lemon rind, tart and puckering. “You just had to mention HIM didn’t you,” he said, marching over to stand before her. “It seems that now’s the time to make you regret those words.”

“Go ahead,” she said, exposing her long, white neck, “kill me.” It was clear from the anger in her eyes and her stoic expression that she was readily prepared to die.

Lucifer stared at her for a moment before placing his index finger on her forehead gently. “Oh, it is not I who will kill you, but Michael,” he said as he plunged his finger into her head. Her bloodcurdling scream pierced
the entirety of Heaven as she howled like a wild animal in pain.

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