MICHAEL: Greetings! Today I have with me the author of The Deceived, E.C. Fisher.

E.C. FISHER: Thank you, Michael! I am glad to be here.

MICHAEL: Today I will be asking E.C. Fisher a few questions about his newest release. First question: I believe this is on everyone’s mind, what in Father’s name were you thinking?

E.C. FISHER: Now that is a good question, Michael. I wrote this novel around the idea that the Bible was fake. To support that conclusion, I decided that Lucifer, your brother, would have to win his war against God. The rest of the story unfolded from that premise.

MICHAEL: So you’re the reason I had to go through all that trouble. I banished my brother and I nearly lost the person I care for most—almost more than Father. What are your thoughts on that?

*Michael stares piercingly at the author. Fisher meets his gaze and shrugs.

E.C. FISHER: It made for an interesting story. I am not ashamed to admit it. My thoughts at the time were focused on what is happening now, in my reality, and my story is based around those themes.  To be more precise, the ongoing war, terror, and hate that surrounds us daily.  Even if these problems aren’t directly, visibly, impacting us, it doesn’t change the fact that they are happening.

I wanted a way to express my own feelings about the current state of our world, so I created your world—one that placed the blame on the shoulders of humans instead of your God. The losses you and everyone else suffered through in the book were necessary for the plot of the story to move forward.

MICHAEL: In your fantasy world Father has died. How did His disappearance affect the shape of the world?

E.C. FISHER: God’s “disappearance” didn’t affect the fantasy world at all. This was a real-world point I wanted to emphasize via the fictional account in my novel—no matter who wrote the Bible, the shape the world takes isn’t based on an author, but on the actions of the people who read and are affected by the words.

MICHAEL: So you sound like a person who doesn’t believe in Father?

E.C. FISHER: I don’t practice religion or faith. This is not to say I haven’t read the Bible before, or been to Church. Religion wasn’t something I needed in my life to find fulfilment. That doesn’t mean those who do are wrong. Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs, but when you’re stuffing your fist down someone’s throat, that is when it becomes a problem. Discuss religion, don’t force feed it.

MICHAEL: Do you feel that you were the person to write this story?

E.C. FISHER: Not necessarily. It didn’t have to be me, but someone had to write it. This novel concept was burning inside me. The ideas and notions I thought of grew each passing day. Yes, I could have given this idea to someone else to write, but at the time I felt I was the person to write The Deceived.

MICHAEL:  Final question: What do you have to say to those who are on the fence about buying your book?

E.C. FISHER: For those on the fence, believers or non-believers, this is a work of pure fiction, based in the mind of a creative person. If you are afraid of turning against God because you purchased this book, ask for forgiveness, but at least wait until you’ve read it before jumping to conclusions. If you are afraid of becoming a believer after reading this, well, you just give me too much credit.  Don’t judge a book by its cover, especially this one. In the realm of fantasy anything is possible unless you decide to bring it to reality—then it will probably crumble to dust at your feet.

MICHAEL: Well, that is all the time we have. So there you have it—E.C. Fisher with his newest release, The Deceived. Form your own opinions of the book by picking it up online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes or Kobo. Go with God.